30 October 2009

I Love Dad

p.s I love you dad!

29 October 2009

I Love Mum

p.s I love you mum!

27 October 2009

Bye Grandma Helena

Bye bye grandma Helena. This is our last appointment with you. See you around ya.

25 October 2009

Mikael Yang Serius

Hari ni saya serius sikit.

24 October 2009

Mikael Dan Diego


23 October 2009

Greetings From Mikael

Greetings From Mikael. ;)

21 October 2009

Mikael Trying To Talk

Got new skill on 20 October 2009

19 October 2009

New Rocker

Seronok tak naik new rocker?

15 October 2009

Gambar Pasport Mikael

Banyak kali snap baru photographer dapat gambar pasport ni.

11 October 2009


Tabik daddy. Mikael janji tak menangis kuat-kuat lagi.

09 October 2009

M For Mikael

Bought a new Mickey Mouse hat for him. The embolded M definately for Mikael.

At Finnish Social Security Office for some paper work.

05 October 2009

Very First Moment

A very first moment after Mikael was born.